• Debbie Platts

December: The Month of RE

The older I get the more I find myself using expressions that were typical of my parents. A recent example is "Where did this year go? I can't believe it's the holidays again!" But there is no denying that December has arrived. The holiday season is in full swing with all the decorations, preparation and symbols of the season. One symbol you are likely to encounter is some form of REjoicing. Perhaps it is of a spiritual nature, as you hear or sing religious songs during services or caroling. Or, it is a form of business REjoicing because your company met or exceeded its milestones and had a profitable year. A final example might be more of a personal REjoicing as a result of achieving that goal you set in January or graduating with a hard earned degree.

In addition to REjoicing, the month of December is also an ideal time to consider other RE activities. I suggest a few below:

1. RElax: Maximize this time with friends and family and be truly present. Enjoy the gift of togetherness and make it a genuine priority to not let the pull of work distract you from what should be most important. Challenge yourself to take a digital detox---even a short break is beneficial. RElaxing creates the appropriate cognitive environment to accomplish the remaining RE recommendations.

2. REevaluate: How did this past year go for you? Are you where you want to be and doing what you want to do? What went well? What would you change going forward? Are your priorities changing? Performing "a year in review" while you are relaxed and able to focus can be quite enlightening. Take the opportunity to gain some self-awareness as you prepare for 2019.

3. REimagine: If 2018 went off without a hitch...great...REJOICE! But if not, REimagine what success looks like going forward. Dream about how you want to live or what you would do if there were no limitations. What small steps can you take in the next year to get a little closer to that dream...or the next best thing if that dream is totally out of reach right now.

4. REenergize: Commit--or for many of us REcommit--to make your well-being a priority. It's only through a holistic approach--caring for mind, body and spirit--that you can completely REenergize and sustain a high level of energy, enthusiasm and effort in all aspects of your life throughout the new year.

I encourage you to carve out time for these RE opportunities during the month of December, and hope all forms of REJOICING are the most prominent!

Debbie Platts is a leadership coach and consultant with an extensive background as a results driven executive. She works with emerging and established leaders to create a journey with purpose that accelerates the pace of their personal and professional effectiveness. She partners with clients to successfully navigate the challenges experienced by modern leaders. She is a committed and passionate coach that holds her clients accountable for taking productive steps toward their vision of success.

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